Swati Meena | The Youngest IAS Officer in India

UPSC examination is one of the toughest exams in the country in which only certain students clear in the first attempt and many candidates struggle a lot to clear the exams for several years. If you are looking for ways to clear the UPSC exams, it is essential that you take inspiration from several candidates. In this article, you will get to know about one of the successful IAS candidates who cleared the toughest examination successfully.

Swati Meena cleared the UPSC exam when she was 22 years old and went on to become the youngest IAS officer. She grew up in Rajasthan and started schooling at Ajmer. If you are ready to know more in detail about the promising IAS officers today, this article will help. Gear up learn the important details about Swati Meena and see how she completed the IAS examination successfully.

Biography of Swati Meena

Swati Meena is MP Cadre IAS officer and she was in the 2008 batch. She is considered to be a renowned IAS officer in Madya Pradesh with effective public employees in recent years. She in eager to elevate the educational and healthcare conditions which is apparent in the results earned over these years.

She is one of the sincere cops and became famous when the UPSC results were published in the year 2008. Apart from this, she became the youngest applicant in the history of UPSC exam. However, Ansar Sheikh broke here record. Though, she is still the youngest in women’s division.

IAS Swati Meena Marriage

Swati married Tejaswi Naik who is also an MP Cadre IAS official. She met him in Sidhi and fell in love with him. They got married in the year 2014 and she has been known as Swati Meena Naik after marriage.

Swati Meena’s Rank in IAS examination

In the 2007 UPSC, she got AIR 260 and cleared the UPSC exams. Being the youngest in her batch, she astonished the whole nation with the results. Her efforts and endeavours paid off when she succeeded in the IAS examination with high ranks. She was in the Madhya Pradesh cadre after clearing the UPSC examination.

Swati Meena as an IAS Officer

Swati Meena is a honorable IAS officer and stands firm in her decision. The mining mafia was a threat when she got a position in Madhya Pradesh. However, Swati incessantly made efforts to initiate a hard fight against the mining mafia. She claims that she faced major accusation from many departs when she started as a collector in Mandla and she found it difficult. She also had a hard time in Khandwa as the scumbag made a scene when the SIMI terrorists’ remains were in the neighbourhood. Swati and the Government managed to handle the difficult task in a great manner.

Current Position of Swati Meena

Swati has acquired the position in Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation.

Get to know about the UPSC Strategy of Swati Meena

First off, you have to craft a road map for CSE strategy. Daily goals, monthly and weekly goals are important for you. It is important to make efforts in reaching your goals.

Study the UPSC syllabus in detail and understand the curriculum completely to know what you are going to learn in the upcoming days. Moreover, you can read elements that are related to the CSE syllabus. Reading Newspaper is way too important for improving your knowledge on current affairs. You can either choose The Hindu or The Indian Express. Go through the NCERT books for the civil services exams. Choosing the optional subject is way too important and pick the right subject that reflects your personal interest. In this way, you can score more in the optional subjects.

Final thoughts

UPSC examination is difficult to complete and it is essential to finish learning on the right time. There are several candidates in the country who faced the challenging task of clearing the UPSC examination and left the country in astonishment by gaining astounding results. Like Swati, you can also clear the UPSC examination but you have to be dedicated and commit yourself in the IAS exam preparations. From the beginning, you have to stay focused in learning for IAS examination.



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