Navjot Simi IPS Officer – UPSC 2018

When it comes to people there are several jobs that inspire us to to challenge all the difficulties that comes in our way. This remains the same for people who are interested in IAS candidates. There are several ways in which you can get inspired from people who have achieved great success by endeavouring their passion and complete the success path with assistance.

Expert motivation complete your success with satisfaction and there are several ways human beings in the society to motivate, encourage and empower our intelligence to go through some of the difficult parts in our life easily.

If you are looking for some motivation, here is the biography of a woman succeeding in the civil services exam and her passion in style. So if you are aware of the IAS and IPS examination, you have definitely known about Navjot simi.

Navjot simi is an IPS officer who is popular among the civil services aspirants and it is important for every student whose endeavours to achieve something in life that is to get to know about all the best IPS officers in the country and you can travel a journey that has been interesting and inspiring all the day. All you have to do is learn about Navjot simi and the hard battle to pursue a career as an IPS officer.

Who is Navjot simi?

Navjot Simi is an IPS officer who cleared the UPSC civil services examination. If you are preparing for IAS examination, you definitely know her name as she is a renowned IPS officer in the country who has achieved a lot and accomplished several things in career.

So many candidates considered that every individual who is successful in an industry has been an ardent learner since the beginning. However, it is not the same for Navjot simi. Initially Navjot simi wanted to be a dentist and that’s what she pursued in the first place. And it definitely shows that she was interested in becoming a dentist and preferred a career in the field. You might have several doubts about how her interest changed and transformed into a Passion for clearing the UPSC examination.

Navjot simi is from Punjab who appeared in the 2018 UPSC civil services examination and got the rank of our 735. Initially she started her career as a dentist and pursued BDS after completing her schooling. She was studying in Baba Jaswant Singh dental College and research Institute Ludhiana.

It is important to note that the IPS officer not only relied on studies but also took assistance from the UPSC Coaching centre. With the help of top notch educators in the top IAS coaching centre, Navjot simi completed the exam preparation successfully. However, she motivates students to learn by self-study and her contradictory view of taking help from the Coaching centre is definitely addressed every now and then.

It is apparent that candidates who are ready for IAS exam preparation can rely on self studies for securing high marks in the examination. Also you should know that there are several learning resources available on the internet so you’ll be able to complete the exam preparation for free. If taking up the educational programme in a top IAS coaching centre is your choice, then you’re good to go. It is all about your options so when you combine hard work with dedication, you will acquire rankings without any doubts.

As the internet is way too helpful in initiating the exam preparations, you can use all the resources available for securing high marks. When you start with the help of educators, you can also complete exam preparation successfully so don’t hesitate to start learning either in self study or a coaching centre.

Get to know about the family of Navjot simi IPS officer

Navjot Simi’s father is a branch manager at a local union bank and his name is Hansraj while her mother is a homemaker. Now she has three slim siblings. Younger sister is working in Dubai after completing an MBA and her younger brother has completed BTech in computer science engineering. Although he is an engineer by profession he is a photographer by passion. Navjot Singh is married to Tushar Singla who is also an IAS officer.

Tushar Singh is an IPS officer who cleared the exam in 2015 and secured all India rankings. Before pursuing his Passion of becoming an IAS officer, Tushar was an electrical engineer from IIT Delhi. Tushar is also from Punjab and has been a very good student while he initiated his career and he was a very ambitious student and started to to prepare for the IAS examination.

It is important to know that he chose public administration as his optional subject in the UPSC examination dedicated to candidates who prepared well for the examination. He joined the West Bengal cadre and initiated his career. Navjot Simi fell in love with Tushar Singh and eventually they got married in the year 2020 at Uluberia. They wanted to celebrate only after the West Bengal elections in 2021. Now let us get know more in detail about its journey of success in the UPSC exam preparation.

Navjot Singh songs UPSC endeavour

After completing BDS degree, Navjot simi had to face marriage pressure but she decided to concentrate on what she loves the most. She focussed on her career to become an IPS officer and got a posting in Bihar cadre. In 2017, she was posted in the Bihar cadre but it was not a piece of cake for her to achieve this position.

She was the DSP and it is important to know that the inspiring IPSofficer has also failed in the interview stage so candidates should be motivated while they start preparing for the examination. Failures are stepping stones of success and Navjot Simi definitely stands as an example for the popular adage.

Although she had to struggle in her UPSC attempt, she never gave up. She continued to write her exams and successfully cleared all stages of UPSC exams without any hindrance. As far as the learning is concerned, Navjot simi didn’t tag along with any particular strategy. She chose Civil services coaching classes in Vajiram Institute in Delhi. But she believes that taking up an educational program in the top institute is not mandatory to clear the toughest examination in the country.

It is all about will power and the internet usage. With the help of available resources on the internet,one can successfully complete the IAS exam preparation and there is no doubt about that. Navjot’s husband Tushar Singh came to Noida a few years back and started preparing for the civil service. For 5 months, he concentrated only on the exam preparation so it was easier for him to crack the IAS examination. It is important for every candidate to dedicate all their time for the UPSC exam to for continuous Learning and it will definitely help you to achieve success in the part you choose.

Navjot online presence in digital media platform

Navjot started preparing for the UPSC examination when she got time after her dentist job. As she was simultaneously preparing for the examination, she had little to no time to concentrate on social media. However, she is now super active in social media and the IPS officer is using the social media platform to promote women’s empowerment which is definitely the need of the hour. She raises her voice to support women in the country.

It is definitely a great endeavour in her career and many women will follow her path to reach success. As she is actively using social media to spread awareness about many factors including cyber crime, Navjot is also posting her life’s journey and keeps her followers engaged by posting memories. The IPS officer has thousands of followers in Instagram and you can check out the profile to find around three hundred posts which will help you to get to know more about Navjot and also her personal life.

Apart from her IPS career and passion, Navjot loves to watch cricket and also enjoys poetry and history. She is one famous celebrity on Twitter and has got a verified status on Instagram.


If you are ready to start the preparation, it is essential to know that many IAS and IPS aspirants have not cleared the UPSC examination in the first attempt itself. Career graph is an interesting and inspiring part which motivates every candidate to complete the exam preparation successfully. Moreover, candidates will pursue their passion even if they fail once or twice in the IAS examination.

It is essential to know that Vajiram institutes staff members provided coaching for interview preparation as she could not successfully complete the interview stage when she started. She also wanted to concentrate more on the written examination and put extra effort into the second attempt. Navjot simi career endeavour is inspiring and students can definitely follow the success path by pursuing their dreams.

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