Prelims Test Series 2020 – Best IAS Test Series & Free Options
Prelims Test Series 2020 – Best IAS Test Series & Free Options
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1 Prelims Test Series 2020 – Best IAS Test Series & Free Options

Prelims Test Series 2020 – Best IAS Test Series & Free Options

There are two phases in the UPSC exams, namely Prelims and Mains exams, after which the candidates will sit for the final interview. The first round is the Preliminary exam, in which candidates will have to answer multiple-choice questions for qualifying for the next round. Unlike UPSC Prelims, the Mains exams will necessitate the candidates to prepare extensively as they have to answer essay type questions. Prelims paper has negative marking, and you have to be extra cautious while writing the UPSC exams. To avoid errors in real-time, you certainly have to practice a lot.

For that, you will be needing Test series, which can enhance your skill by several notches. Many online platforms are providing test series for the candidates who are interested in scoring more marks. When you search for the best series, you will find innumerable links popping up on your search results. Moreover, there are books available for the candidates which are specially prepared based on the multiple-choice questions of previous years.

If you are unable to acquire the paid test series, you can opt for the free UPSC Test series available. Nearly every top IAS coaching institute in the country will provide free materials to encourage candidates to prepare well for the exams. It is all your choice when it comes to choosing the Test series for both Prelims and Mains, but it will be easier if you choose an efficient test series.

Though UPSC Prelims exams is an initial screening test, you have to qualify for the exam so that you can move forward with the other stages such as Mains and interview. When it comes to Prelims, it has two papers, namely General Studies Paper I and II. General Studies II is also known as CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test), which is a qualifying paper.

Unlike CSAT, General Studies Paper I marks is included in the merit ranking. You have to score high marks in both the paper without any doubts. The candidates need to make use of the Prelims Test series to enhance their preparations.

In Mains exams, there are many papers along with the optional subject. You can simultaneously prepare for UPSC prelims and Mains exam as well. Since the Prelims exam is an objective type question, the learners can initiate the preparations altogether and finish the learning phase. It is not just about learning from books and current affairs, proper practice of what you know is way too essential. Test series is a tool to evaluate your performance and identify the week points. If you are continuously practicing, then you will get to do any job correctly. Likewise, you practice answering the MCQ in the prelims test series, facing them in UPSC prelims will not be a big deal. You can manage time and gear up effectively.

Commence your preparations with the previous year’s question papers as they are very important, and the chances of questions repeating in the UPSC prelims exam is also high. You cannot ignore the previous year’s question papers as they play an incredible role in your IAS Preparations. After that, you can start practicing with the prelims Test series, and many paperbacks come with the answers so that you can check afterward. It will be easier if you study the topics after evaluating your performance and focus more on weak topics. IAS exam is not difficult if you have prepared well and have the best materials to prepare.

As test series play an important role, you should certainly try out the best for adequate preparations. Moreover, you can also take up a mock test for Mains preparations.  Whether it is the UPSC test series offline or online, you can choose any form that you are comfortable to procure.

Subject wise test series

There are several subjects in UPSC exams, and you have to prepare accordingly. By procuring the subject wise test series, it will be easier for you to prepare well. Moreover, you will get to know which subjects you want to focus on more. Subject wise test series is undoubtedly the right option to start your IAS preparations.

Current affairs test series

If you have already attended the UPSC exams or checked out the previous year’s question papers, you will understand the importance of current affairs. Many questions in the IAS exam papers are based on the recent events that are happening across the country or the world. You have to stay updated regarding all current affairs. Strengthen your current affairs preparations with The test series.

Free test series

UPSC test series is available for free so that the candidates can effortlessly practice for the exams.

No matter what method you choose, you can learn for the UPSC exams with the test series effectively. You can choose the coaching classes that offer the prelims test series and Mains test series if you wish. You can explore the internet to find the best test series for Prelims and Mains exams. You can enrol for the test series in any of the coaching websites ou visit. Many mock tests will come with a time duration. The test series will be free, whereas some are paid. One of the best ways to prepare for the IAS exams is a test series without any doubts as they help you enhance your writing skills and time management. Also, the answers are accessible after completing the tests, and you can check the performance by taking a look at scorecards provided after the tests. Before you commence the test series, you’ll have to learn efficiently. Start learning by keeping the UPSC syllabus and track your learning path to ensure that you learn every topic in the UPSC syllabus.

Previous year question papers to the rescue

It is not just about the test series that can improve your IAS preparations, but there are several aspects that strengthen your performance. Question papers of the previous years are significant for the trials. The questions papers are a great source to start practising for UPSC exams. You will have to acquire the previous year’s question papers and start solving them one by one. You can find the question papers from any online source to commence your IAS preparations. The question papers will let you assess the learning so that you can focus more on the part that you are not strong enough. It would be better if you start the question papers solving after completing the syllabus, so you don’t miss out any questions while solving the question papers.

Or else, solve the question papers simultaneously so you will know which topics are more important and you can focus more on specific topics. It would help if you also analyzed the questions correctly. Time management is very important as you hardly have one minute for every question. By solving the test series, you can wrap up the UPSC exams swiftly. It will also reduce the stress which is experienced by the candidates who attended the prelims exams without solving question papers. It is important to analyze yourself and find where you are lagging so that you can continue with the same topic and finish up the lessons that were difficult.

If you have started, then you can confidently attend the IAS exams and score more marks. This is very important for any IAS aspirants who are trying to gain more marks in the IAS exams. Get motivated by reading about the successful IAS toppers and learn the strategies they used for scoring more marks. It is important to check how much you have learned. It might be a difficult task, but the tests you take up will reveal the weak points in your preparations.

Remember that you should be very careful while answering the questions in UPSC Prelims exams as there are negative markings for every incorrect answer. If you didn’t attend a doubtful question, then no marks will be reduced. It is your choice now. When you don’t know that answer for any question, you can either select random option with doubts that can create insecurities until the results or leave the particular question answered without any fear.

Prelims Test Series Books

There are two methods to start the prelims test series. You can either prefer the online test series or go with the offline mode. If you wanted to keep the devices at bay and prepare for the exams, you could prefer the traditional method to learn. The paperbacks available for the preparations are lesser when compared to the offline test series. So, you have to choose the convenient yet efficient ways to start the UPSC prelims test series. Books are easier to access, and finding solutions can be more comfortable. You can also choose both the ways to strengthen your preparations. It will be more easier for the candidates to make the most of test series available online and offline.

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  • Insight IAS Prelims Subject Wise Test Series With Solutions
  • 1000 Most Probable IAS Prelim MCQs with additional 500 Previous Year

Whether you choose subject wise test series or exam based questions, a book published by McGraw Hill Publications will let you learn efficiently. You can concentrate on the subject wise test series prepared by this publication as it will have a combination of probable questions and the previous year questions as well. When it comes to General prelims test series, it will be a combination of all the subjects. It is better to opt for Prelims test series instead of subject-wise. If the subject wise test series is more comfortable for you, then you can opt for the same. Candidates who don’t have much will prefer General prelims test series.

IAS test series for Mains exams

If you have completed the Prelims exam, then you have to start with the Mains exam preparations. For Mains also, you can make use of the available options. Mostly, you have to utilize the previous year’s question papers, and the answer writing practice is also essential. By practising answer writing from current affairs on a daily exam, you will improve your writing skill. Your writing skill is way too crucial for the Mains exam, and candidates should utilize the skill in the exams. Many top IAS coaching centres are providing both free and paid test series. A few institutes inculcated the tests in the course itself so that the students will be able to learn and revise simultaneously along with the guidance of top-notch educators. Solving the papers is extremely helpful for the candidates and ensures that you don’t take much time in one mock test paper and have a plan.

Frequently Asked questions regarding Prelims Test Series

Ques. Is it necessary to solve the test series for UPSC?

Ans. Yes, it is vital for the students to start the revision by making use of the test series available online or offline. The more you practice, the more vigorous your confidence will be.

Ques. Is one Test series enough for UPSC?

Ans. If you have time, you can go for two or more test series. When it comes to practising for UPSC, test series is the real winner as it will let you revise whatever you learnt for the IAS exams.

Ques. Is there any free test series for UPSC?

Ans. Yes, there are way too many test series for UPSC are available, and candidates can easily take up the test series. It is hard to find an offline test series for free, but you will find a lot on the internet so you can choose one online test series to start your preparations.

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