Which Optional Subject Is Good For IAS
Which Optional Subject Is Good For IAS

Which Optional Subjects Is Good For UPSC?

The best UPSC optional subjects for UPSC civil services Mains exams  

UPSC exams are conducted by Union Public Service Commission and have three stages such as prelims, mains, and personality tests. Thousands of students have been appearing for the IAS exams every year. The exam process is usually the same and the main stage of the UPSC exam has optional subjects and it is important for the candidates to select the best IAS Mains subject. It is a very crucial step so continue reading to increase your scores in the Mains examination.

Choosing the optional subjects

There are several factors to consider while choosing the right optional subjects for UPSC exams including syllabus, time available for preparations, and more. The subjects’ syllabus is offered by UPSC and the difficulty level is quite easy. To start with, we address the answer to the question that runs on the minds of every UPSC aspirant.

UPSC optional subject with the highest success rate

As per the report, by the Department of Personnel & Training, the success rate of optional subjects is around 10% for many subjects. Agriculture has a high success rate of 10.5 while Anthrolopogy has the highest number of people appearing for the exams. Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Public Administration, and Psychology are also preferred by many students. Several subjects are available in the list of optional but people prefer a few subjects most commonly.

The list of most preferred subjects includes History, Geography, Public Administration, Political Science, Sociology, and Philosophy. When it comes to UPSC strategy, you can go for optional subjects that have General studies portions overlapping.

Though most candidates choose the popular choices, some are intrigued to gain knowledge. It is important to understand that there are no easy optional subjects for the candidates and the candidates have to determine the right option that suits their exam preparations. Choosing IAS mains will be mostly based on popular factors such as the study resources and experts’ assistance to help them out.

High-scoring subjects in UPSC Mains exams

There are many subjects in the optional lists but UPSC toppers have gained high scores in both technical and non-technical subjects. Moreover, some subjects are considered low scoring as candidates cannot put in the required effort, and sometimes, individuals choose a subject that is not suitable for them. For instance, Philosophy’s syllabus is concise which allows the candidates to prepare well and there is more scope for scoring high marks.

Sociology, History, Geography, History, Law, Public Administration, Psychology, Medical Science, Agriculture, Anthropology, and Literature Subjects are the most popular UPSC Mains optional subjects. Though these are the popular choices, candidates should consider other choices.

IAS aspirants can choose an optional subject that’s suitable for learning well and they have more expertise in the subjects.

List of UPSC Optional Subject




If you are ready to commence the IAS exam preparations, it is essential to utilize the exclusive resources available for the UPSC optional subjects. It will be easier to complete the learning when you choose the right institute. No matter what optional subject you choose, always consider the right institute where you can commence the IAS exam preparations without any hassles.

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