WBPSC Exam – West Bengal Public Service Commission PSCWB
WBPSC Exam – West Bengal Public Service Commission PSCWB

WBPSC Exam – West Bengal Public Service Commission | PSCWB

West Bengal public service commission conducts the WBCS exam in three different stages. You will get to know everything about the WBCS exam right from the syllabus to the strategy you can follow. We have provided all the information that aspirants will require.

Every year the WBCS exam is conducted by the West Bengal public service commission to recruit positions available in the group, B, C, and D. It is quite similar to the UPSC exam as the WBCS exam also has three stages and below you will know about the eligibility criteria for a person who is ready to write the WBCS exam.

WBCS eligibility criteria

  • The candidate should be an Indian citizen and in good health. 
  • A candidate who appears for the WBCS exam should know Bengali. He or she should read, write and speak Bengali.
  • The minimum age limit for group A, C, and D are 21 years whereas group B minimum age criteria are 20 years and this is for West Bengal police services exclusively. 
  • The maximum age limit for A and C groups remains the same and that is 36 years. The group B maximum age limit is also 36 years and group D exam candidate’s age limit is 39 years. The age limit remains the same for all the candidates.

Educational qualification

  • A candidate should have graduated from a recognized University and they are eligible to write the WBCS exam.
  • Eligibility criteria based on group A, B, C and D.
  • Candidates can apply for any of the four groups available above and candidates who get selected in the mains exam can be allowed to appear for personality test. Moreover, there is no individual personality test and it remains the same for all the above mentioned four groups. 

Moreover, the appointments are temporally made. It is suggested that candidates note that unless they prioritize a post or service, they will not be suggested for a post or service even if the results make them eligible for the particular post. 

1.65 meters is the minimum height requirement for male various women candidates should be around a minimum of 1.50 meters. There is height relaxation for Assamese tribes, Garwalis, and Gorkhas. This eligibility criteria is essential for candidates who appeared for the West Bengal police service that is group B.

When it comes to an assistant canal revenue officer, the candidate should work in remote areas and their jurisdiction will comprise a huge number of villages. Candidates should also go to Tehsil and Zilla offices by commuting by bicycle.

If a candidate wants to become a part of West Bengal junior social welfare service, then the training of blind or deaf and dumb certification is required. Male candidates will not be able to take a post in institutions for females while female candidates cannot take a post institution for males. 

West Bengal subordinate land revenue service grade 1 post requires candidates who have good spoken and written skills in the Bengali language. If a candidate has Nepali as their mother tongue and it is essential to clear the departmental examination in Bengali within two years. She or he shall be provided training for a period of six months and the training includes cadastral survey revenue loss elementary instruction in other laws relevant for the service and preparation of the record of rights. It is mandatory for the candidates to pass the examination that is conducted at the end of the training.

Application fee charges for WBCS exam

Candidates who paid through online payment will have a service charge of 1% and it is the same for candidates who pay the application fee via net banking. Our candidates who paid through net banking will have service charges or GST. Offline payment is the same as online payment and you will be providing the service charges along with GST. The fee for the WBCS exam is 210 rupees. Candidates from SC, ST category will get a fee exemption, and PWD having a physical disability more than 40% will also get fee exemption.

WBCS exam syllabus

Preliminary exam syllabus for WBCS exam

As said earlier, the preliminary exam is conducted for 200 marks and candidates should attend all the multiple choice questions within 2.5 hours. For every topic, the marks assigned is 25 and the preliminary exam is a screening test while the marks will not be considered in the final selection. As we know the WBCS exam has three stages and it is more like the UPSC exam. 

The preliminary exam is the first stage where candidates should write for two hundred marks and it is an objective type paper. The Mains is a combination of Objective and conventional type that includes eight papers in which two are conventional. From paper, I to VI, the marks allotted are two hundred whereas 400 is allotted for Paper VII and VIII. The personality test is an interview process for which you will be acquiring two hundred marks. Here are the eight categories in WBCS preliminary syllabus

  • English Composition comprises Synonyms, Antonyms, Vocabulary Test, Phrasal Verbs, Idiom, Phrases, Fill in the qualifying words, and Homophones.
  • General Science comprises of Matters of everyday observation, General appreciation, and Understanding of science.
  •  Current Events of National and International Importance has only one topic – Significant events affecting India and its relations with the world
  • The history of India has three categories namely Ancient, Medieval and Modern History. 
  • Geography of India with particular highlights to West Bengal include Physical Geography, Social Geography and Economic Geography
  • Indian Polity and Economy is further divided into three categories namely Indian Constitution, Panchayati Raj, Constitutional Bodies, etc.
  • In Indian National Movement, there are three topics that you have to cover 
  • Nature and character of Nineteenth-Century Resurgence, Growth of Nationalism and Attainment of Independence are the three topics addressed under the Indian National Movement. 
  • General Mental Ability comprises only two topics namely Logical Reasoning and Common Aptitude. Matters of everyday observation

WBCS exam main syllabus

Once you complete the preliminary exam successfully, you will be writing the WBCS main exam and it consists of six compulsory papers along with one optional subject. Candidates who appeared for group A and group B should take up the optional subject and the other group candidates can take only 6 compulsory papers alone. The duration of the exam is three hours and the maximum marks that a candidate can score is 200.

  • For  Paper I,  Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, or Santali can be chosen by the candidate. The syllabus includes Composition and Translation from English to the languages specified above, Letter writing and Precis Writing. 
  • For Paper II English, you have to learn Letter writing, Précis Writing, Composition, and Translation from the above specified language to English. 
  • Paper III is General Studies I. The syllabus includes Indian History with particular highlight on National Movement, Geography of India with more preference to West Bengal.
  • Paper IV is General Studies-II. The syllabus includes Current Affairs, Environment, General Knowledge, Science, Scientific and Technological advancement
  •  Paper-V is The Constitution of India and Indian Economy incorporating role and Reserve Bank of India’s operations.
  • Paper-VI is the Arithmetic & Test of Reasoning 

List of WBCS exam optional subjects

  1. Bengali
  2. Hindi
  3. Sanskrit
  4.  English
  5.  Arabic
  6.  Persian
  7.  French
  8.  Urdu
  9.  Santali
  10. Comparative literature
  11.  Agriculture
  12.  Animal husbandry and veterinary science
  13.  Anthropology
  14.  Chemistry
  15.  Civil engineering
  16.  Commerce and accountancy
  17.  Computer science
  18.  Economics
  19.  Electrical engineering
  20.  Geography
  21.  History
  22.  Law
  23.  Mathematics
  24.  Management
  25.  Mechanical engineering
  26. Medical science
  27.  Philosophy
  28.  Physiology 
  29.  Physics
  30.  Political science
  31.  Sociology
  32.  Zoology
  33.  Botany

Books that can come in handy for your WBCS exam preparation

Every topic that is specified in the WBCS syllabus is essential and you cannot ignore any one topic also. As WBCS is a state exam, you can make use of the state board textbooks as the basics of your preparation. Here we provide the finest books list that can help you to complete the WBCS preparation successfully.

Let us see about the books for the preliminary exam

  • English composition is 1 topic that is neither difficult nor easy. You can prepare for the exam without complicating by preparing with good books and proper skeletal for each and every topic.
  • For Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, Phrases, Vocabulary Tests, Phrasal Verbs, Homophones and Fill in qualifying words, you can prefer S.P Bakshi, K D Sarkar, Wren and Martin’s High School English Grammar and Composition. 
  • For General Science, you can make use of chronicle magazines and state board textbooks. When it comes to current events, you have to prefer magazines like Yojana, Pratiyogita darpan along with daily newspapers like The Hindu. This will give you a proper understanding of socio-political economic and geographical issues in the country. For the history of India, you can make use of the state board textbooks and it is also better for your geography paper while you can add Majid Husain book as well. For Indian polity and economy, you have books of Laxmikant and Ramesh Singh who were popular writers.
  • Romila Thapar and Bipan Chandra books along with the state board textbooks will help in the Indian National movement. For General Mental ability, you can go for the RS Aggarwal book.

WBCS mains book that you need to refer

The popular authors like Bipan Chandra, Lakshmi Kant, Majid Hussain, Ramesh Singh, and GC Leong books for History, Geography,  Polity,  Economics, and other subjects will be helpful. You should definitely make use of the school books for Economy and also ensure that you go through renowned magazines like Yojana and daily newspaper The Hindu for keeping you updated with the current affairs.

There are other books that you can use for the WBCS mains exam and starting from the NCERT book to the budget and economic survey, you can utilize all the information from different resources to score more marks. School textbooks play an important role in compulsory papers and after that, you should practice previous year’s question papers to gain more marks in the upcoming WBCS exams. 

How to prepare for the WBCS exam?

Here are the simple strategies that you can follow while preparing for the WBCS exam.

Before you start the preparation, it is essential to keep your understanding clear and allocate time to prepare for the exam. While preparing for any government exam, you should definitely provide a consistent time and effort to achieve the desired results. It is essential for you to check how you can provide time for your preparation and how much time you will require to wrap up the preparation. After plotting all the information, you should go through the eligibility criteria so that you can confidently start the WBCS exam preparation.

Have a good time table so that you provide equal importance to each and every topic available under the syllabus. It is essential for you to have a timetable that is achievable. Let’s face it! It is not about completing WBCS exam preparation within a week or within a month. You need time and you have to understand this before creating a timetable that is hard to achieve. You cannot push yourself but you can motivate yourself by completing certain topics every day. 

It is essential to gather the study materials books and everything that is required for your WBCS exam preparation. You cannot search for the hard copies during the last leg of your preparation so keep everything to start your WBCS exam preparation. You should also have the syllabus so you will have track of what you are learning.

Finally, solve previous year question papers, take up an online mock test, and revise regularly. We hope that the above information provided will help you in your WBCS preparation. Additionally, you have to prepare for the WBCS exam by following the right books and study materials. Don’t worry much as the syllabus is easy to accomplish but you need to learn it effectively. Do not completely indulge in learning as you can take breaks in the middle of studying so that you don’t feel exhausted by the end of the day. Keep motivating yourself to score more in the upcoming WBCS exam.

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