UPSC NCERT Books 2020 – Complete List with Download Option

Everything you need to know about UPSC NCERT books

Going through the NCERT textbooks is one of the important things that you can do while preparing for the UPSC exams. If you have doubts about choosing the best NCERT books for UPSC examination, then you can read below to know in detail about the available UPSC NCERT books that helps you to do well in the upcoming civil services exams. Moreover, it is suggested that you go through the NCERT books from class 6 to 12 for the subjects that are relevant to UPSC so that you get a proper understanding and also complete most of the syllabus.

The must-read NCERT books for UPSC exams

If you are trying to know which NCERT book is good for your preparation, then you need to know that there are a lot of books available from class 6 to 12. However, studying the NCERT books for UPSC exams is effective because the textbooks are basically crafted for students so it will be easier to understand the chapters and topics when you read them in a simple text. By studying the NCERT books you can easily understand the fundamentals without spending more time. Also, the UPSC question papers comprise questions from NCERT books and they can be direct or indirect questions.

Although you read each and every chapter available in the NCERT UPSC books, it is essential to understand which topics have more weightage and read selective chapters that help you out in the preparations.

The most common questions that every UPSC aspirant will have is “Which NCERT books are essential for IAS exam preparations?” Below is the list of books that can help you out in the UPSC preparations. The specified UPSC NCERT books will help you to prepare for both preliminary exam and the main exam.

UPSC NCERT books subject wise categories

When it comes to UPSC question papers, you have to read a lot for both prelims and mains exams. Students should go through various learning resources for reference so that they can obtain maximum knowledge of any given topic that has more importance in the UPSC syllabus. The best UPSC NCERT books that have been helping thousands of students who try to clear the civil services exams with high scores.

Whether you are preparing for preliminary exams or mains general studies you need to focus on subjects like geography, history, political science, sociology, economics, fine arts as these are the important subjects that you have to learn well for general studies.

If you don’t have that much time to prepare for the UPSC exams then you can skip a few books and give preference to the important subjects. The problem arises when aspirants have to pick certain subjects or topics for preparations especially general science and other subjects with the huge syllabus.

UPSC NCERT books for the subject history

First off, let’s see about the important topics that you have to learn from the NCERT books.

You have to concentrate more on the 8th standard history book ok especially the chapter Our Pasts III Part I and II.
Also the main focus should be on Themes in Indian History III which is a part of 12th Standard NCERT books along with Themes in Indian History I, Themes in Indian History II.
Apart from the books you have to concentrate on Our Pasts 1 (Standard 6th), Our Pasts II (Standard 7th), India & the Contemporary World 1 (Standard 9th), India & the Contemporary World II (Standard 10th), Themes in World History (Focus on Industrial Revolution) (Standard 11th).

For reference, you can check and refer to RS Sharma ancient India for class XI as it has comprehensive information about ancient Indian history. You can also go through Satish Chandra’s Mediaeval India for class 9 reference books. For class 10 reference books, you have to check Bipin Chandra’s best book for UPSC medieval history. You can also check old history to get comprehensive detail about world history.

UPSC NCERT books for the subject Geography

The important topics in geography from the NCERT books include fundamentals of physical geography and India’s physical environment in the 11th standard book. You should also concentrate on twelfth standard books especially on chapters such as fundamentals of human geography and Indian people and economy.

If you have time to prepare for the exams then you can concentrate on the 6th to 10th NCERT books and the important chapters specified below.

  • The Earth: Our Habitat (Standard 6th)
  • Our Environment (Standard 7th)
  • Resources & Development (Standard 8th)
  • Contemporary India 1 (Standard 9th)
  • Contemporary India 1I (Standard 10th)

UPSC NCERT books for the subject Economics

For economics we have to concentrate on the 12th standard book, especially the chapter introductory microeconomics and introductory macroeconomics. Apart from this you should also try learning the chapters like supplementary reading materials in economics. Other chapters that you can focus on Economics NCERT books or specified below.

Standard 6

Chapter name: Economics

Standard 10th

Chapter name: Understanding Economic Development

Standard 11th

Chapter name : Indian Economic Development

UPSC NCERT books for the subject Political science

Standard 9

Chapter name: Democratic Politics I

Standard 10

Chapter name: Democratic Politics II

Standard 11th

Chapter name: Indian Constitution at Work

Standard 11th

Chapter name: Political Theory

Standard 12

Chapter name : Contemporary World Politics

Chapter name: Politics in India Since Independence

UPSC NCERT books for the subject Sociology

Standard 11

Chapter name: Introducing Sociology

Standard 12

Chapter name: Social Change & Development in India

Standard 12

Chapter name: Indian Society Textbook in Sociology

UPSC NCERT books for the subject Culture/Fine Arts

Standard 11

Chapter name: An Introduction to Indian Art

UPSC NCERT books for the subject Science

Aspirants can learn a minimum of three chapters in textbooks that are preferred for particular classes from 6 to 12.

Standard 6

Chapter name : The Living Organisms & their Surroundings

Standard 7

Chapter name : Weather, Climate & Adaptations of Animals
Chapter name : Soil

Standard 8

Chapter name : Crop Production & Management
Chapter name : Coal & Petroleum
Chapter name : Conservation of Plants & Animals
Chapter Name: Friction, Chapter name: Pollution of Air & Water

Standard 9

Chapter name : Natural Resources

Standard 10

Chapter name: Sources of Energy
Chapter name: Our Environment
Chapter name : Management of Natural Resources

Standard 11

Biology Textbook

These are the books that you have to refer to for repairing at your best. The NCERT UPSC books that are mentioned above will be helpful in your UPSC preparation. Your search for the best NCERT books for UPSC preparation should’ve come to an end.

Are NCERT books essential for UPSC exam preparations?

Without any doubt, it is way too important to learn NCERT books for the IAS examination. As said earlier, the NCERT books are crafted for school going students so it will be easier for you to understand the subjects without any doubts. So you can prefer the NCERT book for learning effortlessly.

Moreover, the NCERT books are from government-based agencies and institutes so the information will be reliable. While considering other learning resources there may be doubts or the answer may vary. How our NCERT books can be a reliable source where you can learn the information.

Not just for UPSC exams but you can also utilize NCERT books for other competitive and government exams. Most of the students will prepare using NCERT books hoping that they can also take up other exams as the NCERT books are the main resource for any government exam.

The information available in the NCERT UPSC books or revised every now and then, so you don’t have to worry about the updates as the authorities will ensure your changes or modifications if necessary.

You can learn the topics easily and that is how NCERT books will help you in the UPSC examination and other government exams as well. So it is totally your choice to take up the NCERT books and read the important topics and chapters that were mentioned above.

The best way to study from NCERT books for UPSC

If you are trying to study for UPSC exams then you should start from class 6 NCERT books to class 12. This is quite a tiring task but it is accomplishable when proper strategy is followed.

you can either start with class-wise book or subject wise book whichever is convenient for you. If you are starting from class wise then complete all the books that belong to class 6 and this can be an efficient way. The other method is to read the subject wise and you can assemble all the books from 6 to 12 of a particular subject to start learning.

This method is quite easier than the class-wise method because you will have the continuation of reading a particular subject and subsequent topics will be easier to understand. As the NCERT books are basically easier to learn you will start from the fundamentals and level up when you read the books of the higher class.

Here is how you can prepare for the UPSC exams using NCERT books

  • At first, you have to initiate your UPSC preparations with class 6 NCERT books and choose the subject that you like the most so it will be easier for you to complete on time.
  • Have a schedule to finish a particular chapter within the provided time so you won’t procrastinate or get stuck in one chapter or topic.
  • After finishing the class 6 NCERT books you can now start with class 7 NCERT books of the same subject which you were previously reading. By using this same approach you can complete all the books that belong to various classes of NCERT.
  • You can learn using more than 40 books for effective UPSC preparations. Assuming that you are studying using 40 books and it will take at least 4 days to complete an NCERT book regardless of the subject you choose.
  • As the NCERT book has nearly 15 chapters you will take a minimum of 3 to 4 months for completing the NCERT books. However, the time constraint may vary as per your learning and you can also go through reference while learning from the NCERT books and finish up the UPSC preparation extremely well.

How to get the NCERT books?

  • You can go to any brick and mortar shop to buy the UPSC NCERT books. You can avail of all the books from class 6 to 12 but there will be no offers on those books.
  • However, you can buy books online also. There are several online shopping portals which helps you to get the NCERT books at an affordable price and it will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • If it is harder for you to acquire the hard copies then you can visit the website and get high-quality pdf format books.
  • If you are done reading the NCERT books then you can refer to other learning sources from renowned others like Bipan Chandra, Lakshmi Kant, and Ramesh Singh as well. The books of renowned authors will give you an edge over others and you will get to understand the topics in detail.

By starting the UPSC exam preparations near you will get more time to check out these reference books apart from NCERT books. Using the learning resources, you can acquire more knowledge and get various perspectives of famous authors about the same chapters or topic. Get ready to complete the UPSC preparation with the help of the best UPSC NCERT books and score more marks than you require.

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