Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper Biography
Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper Biography

Shruti Sharma (UPSC Topper) Biography, Age, Marriage, Family, Study Plan

   Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper 2021: 

          UPSC exam is considered to be one of the difficult exams which need an extended hard work and effort to complete that successfully, every year there are only a few candidates who pass the exam with good scores and as of this year there are few talented aspirants who cleared the exam and found to be toppers. The year’s topper’s list included 54 applicants, with Shruti Sharma’s name at the top of the list to speak about the hard work that she put in preparing herself for the course. You will find all the information on Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper detailed below to give an inspirational idea about  Shruti Sharma’s biography, age, education, mark sheet, and study plan. She has indeed become one of the most searched people after her achievement in the results of the UPSC exams 2021

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper: Biography, Age & Education Background

 Shruti Sharma Biography: Shruti Sharma has scored to be the topper of the UPSC CSE Examination 2021 in India with a very good score secured in the examination. We will now take a detailed look at the details of her to know listed below which will indeed give us a better view of the hard work that she has done to be successful in her life and it will also be helpful for the others to get motivated and be successful.

 Shruti Sharma Age:  Shruti Sharma was born on January 1, 1996, which makes her turn 26 this year and this year has been more favorable for her to get a position of first place in the toppers list of UPSC exams 2021 in India which not only brought fame to her but also to her family, the institute too. She was born in Bijnore and finished her education in Delhi, India. Shruti worked really hard to pass  the IAS Examination on her second attempt which was very much possible because of her passion for the course and to serve the nation. After that, she studied for the civil service exam at Jamia Millia Islamia’s residential Coaching Academy. She is currently known to be residing in Delhi, India.

    Shruti Sharma Family: Shruti Sharma who is now popularly known as the  UPSC Topper of the year 2021 in India’s family consists of her parents, brother, and grandmother, all of whom pursued science, whereas Shruti herself chose the arts. Shruti’s family wished for her to become an IAS officer. Therefore she fulfilled their wishes. Her great-grandfather was a Vaidya, and her grandfather was a doctor, she added. Sunil Dutt Sharma, Shruti’s father, is an architect-engineer who manages a private school in town. Shruti’s mother holds a master’s degree, while her brother is a cricketer who represents Uttar Pradesh’s Under 25 team.


Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper, Along with studies, has a variety of other interests. Shruti enjoys learning new things. She is also interested in art & enjoys reading about art and culture. In addition, Shruti stated in an interview on the social platform that she is very interested in cinema. She enjoys learning about and watching new movies.

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