How To Write Effective Essay For IAS Mains?

UPSC Mains exam requires the candidates to write two essays with at least one thousand words per. The essay paper comprises two sections and it consists of 250 marks. One essay consists of 125 marks so ensure that you acquire high marks as possible. This article will help you understand the highest marks you can score in the upcoming IAS examination, especially UPSC Mains Essay.
You will get high marks when you understand the right way to prepare for the IAS examination. First off, ensure that you pick the study materials for learning. Remember that essay paper is crucial among the nine papers of UPSC Mains exams. The below details will help you understand how you can learn precisely.

Tips to write an essay effectively

The simple tips that can help you to complete the IAS exam preparations are given below. Ensure that you utilize the available tips to craft an excellent essay in the UPSC mains exams.

Go through the topics properly

This is the first and foremost step when you start the essay. First off, ensure that you pick the right topic to start as you will have four options. When choosing the topic, ensure that you know everything about the topic. Remember that you don’t pick a sensitive topic or a controversial one. You can choose a topic that you can link to and have a great perspective about.
However, ensure that you maintain balance throughout the essay. If your essay is overwhelmed, it may be a drawback. Topic selection is the important step to begin the essay writing process. You have to limit the word count to 1200 so ensure that you consider every aspect before you choose a topic. Once you have selected a topic, it will be easier to write with a flow.

Think before you start writing

After selecting the topic, don’t initiate the writing before crafting a content structure. First off, think what you are going to cover in the essay. It would be easy if you accumulate the thoughts and structure your essay. Write some important points in pencil to ensure that you follow the structure but at the same time, you won’t be missing any important points.
At times, you could forget some interesting sentences which come into your mind but get lost once you start writing. Ensure that you take care of it as every valuable point from your end counts. However, it is also important to wrap up your essay within the specified word count. It is essential to emphasize the important points without leaving any topics behind.

Essential elements of UPSC mains Essay

When you are starting the essay, the first thing you have to consider is the structure of your essay. A proper introduction will help you provide a better understanding of the content in the subsequent essay. Likewise, there are many elements that will elevate your essay. Check out them below.

A proper structure for your essay

  • The very common approach is to add sub headings and titles. The important elements of an essay include introduction, main issue or subject, current scenario, positive and negatives, and a proper conclusion. When an examiner starts reading your essay, the introduction will give them a basic overview of your writing and your perspective. So start with a quote or a brief introduction. When adding quotes, you must be very vigilant.
  • You can’t add an incorrect quote as it will create a bad impression. Ensure that you know the quote well or it is better to leave the quoting and continue with your writing. Moreover, initiating the paragraphs with subtitles can be the right place to show your creativity.
  • Try to generate an intriguing topic that can increase the examiner’s interest to continue with enthusiasm. One of the biggest mistakes people make is, they skip the paragraphs ending just to start with the next paragraph. It can be a complex task to finish up all your thoughts in just one thousand words. But ensure that you specify everything. When it comes to paragraphs, you have to make sure that there is a smooth transition to the next.
  • The last paragraph should connect with the next para. If you are writing a new topic, it is not the same case. You can complete the paragraph and start a new one with a creative heading. When you are writing the main content, ensure that you include a real-life example, statistics, or other important information to elevate your marks. However, you have to be very careful while adding the statistics. It is important that you include them only when you have a clear idea of the statistics. It is the same in real-life examples as irrelevant content can consume the space and also divert the essay from the topic.

How to study for the UPSC Mains Essay?

It is essential to read as many articles and essays as you can. You will understand how the authors have created the essay and will also help you to get a proper idea of essay structure. You can also read newspapers on a daily basis to find current affairs as they are asked in the UPSC exams several times. From newspapers to books, you can take notes of the important quotes or points. Ensure that you have a good opening and closing lines. General topics like women, education, science, healthcare and internet are popular. Ensure that you add case studies, examples and other aspects to gain more marks.


If you are preparing for the IAS exams, it is essential to consider the learning path. Stay committed to it and dedicate all your time in the IAS exam preparations. Proceeding to the second of the UPSC exam is a great news but it is essential to stay encouraged and motivated throughout the Mains exam preparations. Secure the highest marks in the essay paper by following the above tips.
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