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Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad


Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad

Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy Course Offered – UPSC & IAS Coaching

The finest Coaching Academy is Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad. This Academy is familiar with all the IAS entrance exam clearing techniques. Rangaraya Vali Rameshwars is best known for their coaching. It was ranked 46th in Hyderabad’s IAS Coaching.

The main motive of Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy is to provide best education and to make the students more secure good grades in their exams and to make them achieve great heights in their life. Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy has best faculty members who motivate to students for achieving the goals in exam. All teachers are experienced in teaching.

Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy Contact Details – 

Address: AVM Towers, 4 th floor, near chutneys restaurant, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

Contact number: -9246211058

Email: [email protected]

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Features of the Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad –

Fee structure: Fee – Rs. 1,22,000/Year for the IAS Coaching.

Batch size: Small sizes of batches with only 50 to 60 aspirants in one batch.

Faculty: They are highly educated and helpful and teach very efficient ways of learning.

Past year result: The Past year result of the Academy Was impressive and good which include every 4-5 members.

Test series: Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy conducts Offline Test also.

Study materials: Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy, Community Coaching, provides its own classroom notes.

Infrastructure:  The infrastructure of the Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy  is very safe and good for every one.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad-


  • Past Year Result is good.
  • Is having a good Infrastructure facility.
  • Top IAS Coaching Faculties.
  • Best Batch Size.
  • Best IAS Study Material is provided.
  • Get Free DEMO Class.


  •  High Fee Structure.
  • No Experience Teacher are hired.

Reviews of Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad-

Dr. D-  Jotting down this review hoping it could help many aspirants out there searching for the best institution to join… well i am happy that i have opted to join the right institution. Its been 5 months past on my journey in Rangaraya IAS Academy ….. its not just a institution , its a family. This institution offers coaching for civil services, Group 1 and Group 2 . The intake is limited for civils… with limited intake comes great care. You get great time and scope to interact with the faculty , have intellectual debates on topics and broaden your thoughts. As most of the topics are taught by a single mentor ( our Director ) , who is really great at correlating the subjects and his frequent quizzing keeps the subject on the fingertips. As you all know that no matter how good the coaching be, the mantra for cracking civils is our own hardwork with correct guidance. Here you get coaching you can boast about and the guidance that you cant complain about…… So, by joining here all you need to do is ” HARDWORK” . Its a perfect value for your money. And let me tell you guys …. when i first met our director at the time of joining ….He asked me to first decide if i was firm on my decision to go forward for civilis preparation rather than to pay the fees. He was keen on me not wasting my money!! You don’t get to see such institutions . Every other institution would be more interested in your fee … So, to put it up in few words… if you are serious enough guys …stop wasting your time on further searching and join and get on with your preparation….Good luck.
Vneed Jmr- It’s brand for education
It is a very good place to build your career
There is no compromise to give best results

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad:

Ques. How many branches Vali Rameshwar’s IAS Academy have?

Ans. Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy  is not having any other branch. There was only one branch which is existing in Hyderabad.

Ques. What is the fees structure of Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad?

Ans. The fee structure of Vali Rameshwar’s IAS Academy is Rs. 1,22,00 for 1 Year. which is a little high and is not easily affordable by all, which comes in drawback for Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy.

Ques. What are the duration of courses provided by Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad?

Ans. The duration of the courses of Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy are: UPSC Prelims for 6 Months
UPSC Prelims cum Mains for 12 – 14 Months
Group II / Group I Prelims for 6 Months
Group I Mains for  4 Months

Q. How is Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad?

Ans: Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy is the institute which will be the best place to pursue your dreams and Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy will provide you with all the required things to perform the best in your exams. Start your coaching with the help of this institute and secure good grades in your exams.

Q. Which is the biggest limitation of Vali Rameshwars IAS Academy in Hyderabad?

Ans: Vali Rameshwar IAS Academy is having high Fee Structure and there were No Experience Teacher hired in the Vali Rameshwar IAS Academy. which effects the students learning.

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