Rajya Sabha TV Live Vishesh News – For UPSC (IAS) Exam
Rajya Sabha TV Live Vishesh News – For UPSC (IAS) Exam

Rajya Sabha TV Live Vishesh News – For UPSC (IAS) Exam

You might have completed the UPSC static portions but it is not just enough for the cutthroat competition in the country. It is essential for every candidate to make use of the current affairs to have an edge over other contenders. The more deep you learn, the stronger your perspective will be. Current affairs is not just for one stage of exam but it can help you in prelims, Mains and in final rounds as well.

In prelims exam, you can expect multiple choice questions which you can answer in one word. When it comes to Mains exam, you should write in a descriptive type following the final interview. The interview panel may question you regarding the current events that occurred in your region or in the country. You definitely need the current affairs to help you all through the preparations so start now.

Rajya Sabha TV is public broadcaster that telecasts the Rajya Sabha’s top house proceedings and other shows dealing social, political and economic in India. The RSTV program is one important element of UPSC preparations and you can get hold of the relevant new for learning the current affairs. The social, cultural and economic issues in India are all addressed in the TV shows. Every show in this TV is informative and important to the candidates who are preparing for IAS exams. As the problems in the society is extensive but the shows will be dealing with the issues. As Rajya Sabha TV is a reliable resource, most of the UPSC candidates are preparing for the exam with the help RSTV or Rajya Sabha TV.

Rajya Sabha TV programs

As the IAS exam mainly concentrates in the current affairs, the candidates should make use of the RSTV shows to get a glimpse of the current happenings in the country. Here are the top shows that are telecasted in the Rajya Sabha TV.

Monday – Friday programs

  • Visheh is a daily program that talks about the topical issues and you will get a better elucidation in Hindi
  • In-depth is yet another program and it is typically the English version of the above mentioned TV show. As the name specifies, the show will let the audience know about the topics in detail by explaining everything related to the topic.
  • Desh Deshantar is a daily programme but it is also telecasted in Saturdays. The audience will get to know about the topics that elucidates national and international affairs in Hindi.
  • Big Picture is a daily programme but it is also telecasted in Saturdays and it is typically the English version of the above mentioned TV show. The audience will get to know about the topics that elucidates national and international affairs in English.

Weekly programs

  • Pulse is a show telecasted on a weekly basis that addresses that recent social issues in English whereas the Hindi version of this program is Sarkar which and it is also telecasted on a weekly basis.
  • Ayushman Bhav is yet another weekly show on health that also encourages engagement of audience by taking the questions them in Hindi.
  • Aapkka Kanoon is a weekly program where the law professionals will discuss the legal issues and provide proper guidance for the audience and audience queries are also considered. The show is telecasted in Hindi.
  • Virasat is a biopic series in which you will get to know about the life and work of famous personalities in diverse fields such as literature, films and more. The show is telecasted in Hindi.
  • Guftagoo is a weekly talk show where you can see famous personalities from art and literature field and the show is in Hindi.
  •  Samvidhaan is a short series that involves the making of Indian Constitution directed by Shyam Benegal and two writers Shama Zaidi and Atul Tiwari worked together in this series. The series was started half a decade ago which helps you to understand about the Indian Constitution in detail.
  • Policy is yet another program in Rajya Sabha TV that mainly aims on providing knowledge about the economic development of the country where the experts will share their views.
  • Science Monitor is a show that is aired on Rajya Sabha TV without any relation with politics. It is basically about the improvements in the Science and Technology industry in our country.
  • State of the Economy is a weekly program comprises of interviews with renowned personalities and analysts.

There are several shows that can be seen on the RSTV but only a few important shows are essential for the UPSC candidates. If you are interested in scoring top marks in the IAS examinations, then check out the below information and start watching the best shows that are important for the candidates to watch.

RSTV shows for UPSC exam preparations

  • The Big Picture This is a daily show telecasted on weekdays alone and an important topic in the country or the world will be spoken.
  • India’s World is a weekly program on World Affairs relevant to the country.
  • Policy Watch is a weekly program on Economic policies and the State of the Economy
  • World Panorama is a weekly program on the problems that are happening across the globe.

How UPSC Mains exam preparation is benefited by RSTV?

When it comes to UPSC Mains exams, you already know that the questions will require you to provide a brief answer. The RSTV can be of great help and it is definitely helpful for the candidates but ensure that notes go in sync with the UPSC syllabus. It is not just about watching the RSTV but you should also learn the UPSC syllabus portions for scoring more marks in the exams. You can also go through the gist of Rajya Sabha TV available online. This is a compilation of the TV shows in Rajya Sabha that will let you know about the shows effortlessly.

Why Rajya Sabha TV is important in UPSC 2020 Preparation?

The Rajya Sabha TV is a reliable source for the candidates and the preparations will be good. Aspirants will know about both national and international affairs which helps them to stay uptodated regarding the current affair in the country and across the globe. Rajya Sabha TV telecasts debates and discussions which will be an incredible resource for the students. So IAS aspirants can certainly bank on the Rajya Sabha TV. The segments that are included in the RSTV are experts’ perspective on parliamentary affairs, social and culture problems that are trending, Government policies, efficiency, benefits and consequences, International events related to India, The Economy and more.

When it comes to UPSC exams, candidates should not only read and memorize the facts but they have to procure an in-depth analysis for understanding the events. It is essential to know different perspectives and at times, they should be capable of delivering solutions to any issues. IAS demands for analytical thinking and the candidates can never skip the Rajya Sabha TV for better performance. You have to develop the thinking and the way you perceive things instead of just reading the book. You have to be creative and practical as well. To develop these kinds of skills, you have to earn knowledge from various sources like RSTV, magazines, PIB releases and more, especially for UPSC preparations. Listen to experts opinions on any topic to know how they think on various issues and you can also adapt the same way of analytical thinking if they have great.

You cannot skip these Rajya Sabha TV programs!!

As a UPSC aspirant, you will have busy schedule . From the morning to night, you will have to read the books, take notes, learn, learn and revise. It is definitely difficult for the candidates to watch the Rajya Sabha TV all day long. However, candidates can watch at least the below given TV shows. Here we have listed the important programs that you should certainly watch while preparing for the UPSC exams.

The Big Picture –  We have already mentioned about this weekday show which addresses one topic in the country and across the globe. This program is very important for the candidates as they can know about the current events occurring in India and all over the world.

India’s World is a weekly show telecasted on 10PM (Mondays) which elucidates different perspectives on International affairs. A proper elucidation is all you require to understand about the topics and also, the international relations paper requires this show.

Policy Watch is yet another show that candidates can watch but it is not mandatory as it helps the candidates to know about the Economic development in the country and famous subject matter experts will talk regarding the particular topic.

Other TV programs that candidates can watch

Made in India show is aired on epic channel. Nasir Khan is the host where the host addresses about the inventions and contributions by our country. You will also get to know about how the inventions are helping the people across the country. You can check out the show on 10.30 PM.

Pradhanmantri can be watched on ABP News. Shekhar Kapur, a renowne actor and director host the documentary series based on politics. It was started in 2013 and since then, the programmes telecasted in the documentary reveals the Indian History since 1947 till now. Directed by Puneed Sharma, the show lets you know about the modifications the the country has an undergone during the tenure of the prime ministers in the six decades.

Bharat Ek Khoj is aIndian historical drama based on the book written by Pandit Jawarhalal Nehru. You should certainly read the book if you love reading. For those who are not avid book readers can watch the shows as it uncovers the history of India five thousand years ago. Shyan Benegal is the director of the show and V.K.Murthy is the cinematographer. The cast include Om Puri, Tom Alter, and Roshan Seth (played the character of Jawaharlal Nehru)

Sarkaar ki Duniya is on Real TV and it is airing for more than a decade. It is a reality show that occurs in the Mango Island, Karnataka. A group of contestants are picked from across the country and Ashutosh Rana hosts the show. Dal Nayak is the community leader and he or she will be assigned a task with a small budget. Every contestant except Dal Nayak will be exempted from the eviction. Every player will get eliminated once a week. The players have to pay tax every week and it is usually one player who pays the task on a particular week. The least three taxpayers will be up for eviction. When the show reaches the last stage, the contestants will be up for the voting process and people will choose the winner who wins one crore as a price money.


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