Press Informative Bureau PIB
Press Informative Bureau PIB

Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC Current Affairs

Press information bureau is a nodal agency that disseminates news regularly from the Government of India. It is essential for any UPSC aspirants to follow the press information bureau as it will provide a wider perspective of current affairs and what is required for a UPSC aspirant.

When you regularly follow the press information bureau, you will be able to understand the current situation in a more precise way. In general, Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC releases are considered as one of the important sources to prepare for the IAS exams when it comes to current affairs. 

Other sources for reliable current affairs

It is essential for the UPSC aspirants to stay updated by following the Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC releases and students can also get updates by going through reliable resources that are specified below. 

You can make use of the daily newspaper, The Hindu which comprises all the essential information and current affairs that is happening in India and at the international level as well. This will certainly help you to understand how things are going on a daily basis and you can regularly update by reading the newspaper. 

Yojana, Kurukshetra, and other important magazines can also be referred for a great preparation. Students have to find diverse resources to help them in UPSC preparation and these magazines will certainly help the students to gain more knowledge. The magazines are also reliable so it is suggested using these along with pib releases. 

Gathering Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC

Unlike the UPSC syllabus, the current affairs can be retrieved from various resources and the current affairs constantly change which pushes the aspirants to stay updated by regularly following up the current situation in the country and also internationally. You will avail the benefits that are specified below by using the PIB releases. 

Aspirants will get to know about the government schemes that are launched every now and then. It is essential for everyone to know about the schemes that are launched by the government.

Helps to know about the government initiative. By going through the press information the bureau releases, aspirants will get precise knowledge about international relations and facts as well. It is also important for candidates to know how India is building relationships with other countries in the world. 

The press information bureau was established 100 years ago and it now has more than 40 offices across the country. The main aim of the Press Informative Bureau PIB – UPSC is to announce the government plans policies, initiatives and achievements of the government. 

PIB releases every day and it is hard for the students to follow up along with other resources like newspapers and magazines. You can find curated collections of Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC every day in reliable resources to prepare for the IAS examination. 

It is essential to tag along with the PIB releases as you can definitely cover all the current affairs with this source. 

What you will get in a curated Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC?

You will find the essential information summarised from the press information bureau release. You will get daily analysis and a particular release summary as well. The explanation will be precise and you can easily understand PIB current affairs. 

When you can acquire curated content from PIB releases, it will definitely help to prepare every day and tell you to complete the UPSC examination and you can still make use of the information even after becoming an IAS officer. 

By reading the summaries, you will save a lot of time in tandem with acquiring the best knowledge of PIB releases. Moreover, the topics that are essential for the preparations will be selected and provided more attention rather than going through all the topics which are unnecessary for UPSC preparations. 

Even when you have to revise the current affairs available, you can easily go through the gist of PIB releases instead of reading the whole information available on PIB official website.The expert team will go through and analyse each and every topic to ensure that students only get curated content which helps them to prepare exceptionally well. 

Frequently asked questions regarding Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC

Q. What PIB does?

Ans. The press information bureau is the nodal agency that provides press releases about important information from the Government of India. The information such as government policy plan achievements and more updates are regularly released via PIB. This helps every citizen to know what is happening in the country and how the government is working on a daily basis. 

Q. Should I use the PIB release for UPSC preparation?

Ans. Yes, using the PIB release regularly will help you to prepare for the current affairs as it is given more importance in the UPSC exam. PIB is a reliable source from which you can get authentic information regarding the government plant’s achievements and policies. So you cannot skip PIB releases while preparing for the IAS examination. This will definitely help both for UPSC prelims preparation and mains as well. 

Q.How to use PIB release for civil services exam preparations effectively?

Ans. If you are curious to learn about the PIB release but confused to start. Here are a few pieces of information available that will help you to prepare for the civil services exam. 

It is apparent that every student who prepares for the IAS exam should utilize diverse resources to learn and study to clear the IAS examination. Comprehensive preparation is something that includes all the reference books, NCERT books, daily newspaper and one of the most important resources of current affairs is the press information bureau. Here is how you can utilize the information available in the PIB release effectively for your IAS exam.

When it comes to the Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC, aspirants will find a whole lot of information updated regularly on the website such as press releases, photographs, articles, and more. Press Informative Bureau PIB – UPSC. It is definitely difficult to read all the articles and go through the videos which can hinder your syllabus preparation so it is better to get a gist of the press information bureau which doesn’t take much of your time. 

Q. How to learn for UPSC exams using PIB release? 

Ans. When you visit the website, you will find programs, policy initiatives and regular updates from the government. You will also find articles on renowned personalities as well as historical accounts.

You will also get to know about all schemes that the government provides for the citizens of India. You will find speeches of renowned personalities and this can be asked in the UPSC prelims exams as well. Annual reports by different ministries and the work done throughout the year will be published in the article. 

Advantages of using Press Information Bureau (PIB) – UPSC

  • You will get all the information that can be relied on as it is directly coming from the government. You don’t have to think much about authenticity as the information comes straight from the government. 
  • You will get a news release from the government and also subscribe so that the information will arrive as soon as it is released. 

Recent PIB summary and analysis

Atmanirbhar Bharat Rojgar Yojana

The union cabinet has approved Bharat Rojgar Yojana which improves employment in several sectors and it also provides opportunities to new employees. 

New employees who are engaged after October 1st, 2020 230th June 2021 I will acquire a subsidy for 2 years. Both the employer’s contribution and employee contribution will be paid by the government of India in respect to the EPF with any organization having up to a thousand employees for two years. 

The Government of India will pay 12% of employees to share in an organization that has more than 1000 employees for two years. 

The comprehensive telecom development plan for the North East region

A comprehensive telecom development plan for North East region is a plant that extends the mobile coverage to nearly 2500 villages in districts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh that doesn’t have mobile coverage and this project will be funded by universal service obligation fund. 

PM-WANI scheme

Prime minister Wi-Fi access network interface is a project that is approved by the union cabinet for establishing a public Wi-Fi network in and around the country Via public data offices. 

The public Wi-Fi networks growth in India will allow the improvement of broadband internet. This move will transform internet usage and also enhances the availability of Wi-Fi in the country. Press Informative Bureau PIB – UPSC. As the internet facility will be available anywhere in the country, it will fuel entrepreneurs to do business easily. 

Submarine optical fiber cable connectivity

Due to the lack of bandwidth, the telecom connectivity in Lakshadweep is only through satellites and the bandwidth is also restricted to one gigabyte per second. By enhancing the high bandwidth communication, the data services such as e-governance, e-learning, and e-banking can be enhanced. 

Economic and social development can be expected by improving the telecom infrastructure and it also has a crucial role in employment. 

This is the information that was provided in the recent release. There is more information like the cabinet approving the proposal of securities and exchange board of India to sign a bilateral memorandum of understanding between India and Luxembourg and Quantum communication between DRDO laboratories. There is more information available on the official PIB website.

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