IAS Interview Questions & Answers – UPSC Interview Process
IAS Interview Questions & Answers – UPSC Interview Process

IAS Interview Questions & Answers – UPSC Interview Process

The last phase of the UPSC civil services exam is the IAS interview and it is also called a personality test in UPSC. The final round interview will play a key role and it is essential for every candidate to perform extremely well in the final round. In short, the final interview can make or break your overall performance in exams. If the UPSC mains exam is completed, you have to dedicate all your time to prepare for the IAS Interview Questions with the DAF analysis. 

Personality test

If you are new to UPSC exam preparation, then you should read this column for sure. The personality test is the final round interview which will be acquired by any candidate who successfully passes the first two stages namely prelims and mains exam.

There is no time duration for the personality test as it is based on the time you and the interview authorities decide. Candidates can score up to 275 marks in the final round of interviews. The main aspects that the interview will look for is your presentation skills and domain expertise in any subject.

Everything you need to know about the UPSC IAS interview questions 

When you attend an interview, there are so many rules and regulations that a candidate should follow and here we provide all the information required to be fulfilled by the candidates. 

At first, the candidates need to know that there are interview sessions one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The candidates should bring all the proof of certificate as per the DAF filling. Candidates can score a maximum of 275 marks. When it comes to dressing code, men can wear formal pants and shirts while women can wear saree or salwar to the interview. 

The process of UPSC IAS interview

If you are taking up the final round interview for the very first time, then you might be curious to learn what actually happens on the interview day and we have provided all the information that you should know before starting your preparations. 

It is essential to reach the interview venue at least an hour early so that you can finish the preliminary security checks and also confirm your entry by providing your interview call letters and ID proof. When the security checks are over, you will be allowed into the UPSC building so you can start off the interview on time. 

The authorities will direct you to place your belongings in a particular place before attending the interview. The document check will take place right after you leave the belongings at a secure place and you have to wait while the documents of yours are being verified by the relevant authorities. Each and every certificate will be verified and the government official will confirm your interview once the certificates are original and you are allowed to move to the final interview. 

There are a lot of systems where you have to take that to choose the panel number and sequence number to decide your sequence and the panel before which you appear. Candidates will be allowed to sit as per the panel numbers and they have to wait until their sequence number appears.

If you are an outstation candidate, then you can make use of this time for acquiring the travel reimbursement. Basically, one session will allow a minimum of five aspirants to take up the final round interview and each interview may take up to half an hour to complete. The IAS Interview Questions are so simple and you can easily 

A few tips to enhance your preparations for IAS Interview Questions  

Initiate your interview preparation right after your main exam. You might have to wait for the main exam results but it is suggested to start as soon as you complete the main exams because you will have an edge over other aspirants by starting early. 

While preparing for the UPSC final round interview, you don’t need to perform excess research in finding learning materials or online test series for finding the IAS interview questions. It is all about you and you have to analyse who you are and it is important to fabricate a good introduction that will provide a good start in the final interview.

This is the problem for many IAS candidates as they are the domain experts in any subject part and they have issues while introducing themselves so it is better to work on the introduction part and fascinate the authorities with a good introduction. 

It is essential for you to get a precise size understanding of your detailed application form. The authorities will go through the detailed application form and it is also important for you to know each and every detail you furnished in the DAF. There is a lot of chance to raise IAS interview questions from the DAF so you can be prepared.

Moreover, it is essential to know that that candidature will not be informed to the board members and DAF is the only information that the board members will have about you so it is better for the candidates to go through the information available in the form and complete your exam. 

When it comes to DAF IAS interview questions, the authorities may ask any questions starting from the meaning of your name to shooting up questions from your educational domain. You can also expect current affairs questions also so it is essential to stay updated regarding the happenings in your country and in international aspects too. 

Be prepared to answer IAS interview questions that are thrown your way from your native place, graduation and even hobbies. 

So, here is yet another thing that you need to prepare, a positive mind set. It is way too important for scoring more marks in your final round interview. It is possible to score full marks in 10 minutes or lose out all the marks after talking for 60 minutes because your ability will be checked by the board members and you have to be sharp while answering their questions.

You need to prove to them that you are eligible to take a position in Indian administrative service and they should rely on you and your capability to handle the situations that you’re facing. So it is better to have a positive mindset while attending the interview and you have to provide true answers that come to your mind.

It is because the board members will definitely know as they have several years of experience in conducting interviews and one of the members will be a psychiatrist. Everything will be noted from your aptitude to body language so have a good conversation with positive vibes, and that is all you need to do while attending the final round of interview. 

Documents required while attending IAS interview

You will be asked to provide 10th and 12th standard mark sheets and graduation certificates from the university you completed undergraduate or postgraduate. You will also provide the proof of category along with the questionnaire delivered to the candidate right after he or she is selected to attend the UPSC interview. The questionnaire is simple and it has IAS interview questions like your background, employment status, educational qualification and others. 

UPSC IAS interview questions and answers

The IAS interview questions asked to check the personality and mental ability of every candidate. Candidates can prepare well without any issues as the learning path will be easy but it has to be effective. Let us explore the sections which have more importance when it comes to the UPSC final round interview. 

The first thing in UPSC final round interview preparation is the self introduction part. The questions asked during the interview are mainly from the IAS DAF application. When you meet the panel members, it is essential to greet and maintain a positive Vibe throughout your interview so it will be easier for you to answer the questions and the board members will find it uncomplicated to communicate with you. 

IAS interview questions based on your education in the final round interview

After the introduction part, you will be asked questions from your educational background suggesting your degree in college and the marks you scored during your schooling or under graduation. 

Most of the questions will be from your family subjects and the answers you provide may be a derivative for the subsequent question so you have to answer carefully. 

IAS Interview questions regarding current affairs

When it comes to UPSC, it has a close connection with current affairs and every stage you prepare for the IAS exam will have the current affairs link because it is quintessential for an eligible candidate to know about the current situation and the happenings around the country.

When comparing to the UPSC preliminary exam and mains, the IAS interview questions slightly touch the current affairs conversation as the interview is more into finding your personality and eligibility. The board members can ask you about the current issues that are occurring in your hometown or the topics that are trending on the particular day of the interview. The UPSC members can also ask you opinions about the currently taking place social issues. 

IAS interview questions regarding your employment and other things

If you have listed a job profile in the DAF, then you will be questioned based on the information provided in the form. There will be several questions like the reason for leaving your current job and the job description that you were previously working for. There are chances to ask about your hobbies.

The board members may also ask you about the optional subjects that you selected while appearing for the IAS mains exams. The questions will not be so technical and it will be general questions like the reason for choosing the “so and so” subject while appearing for the Mains exams and more. 

Tips to follow while you are answering the IAS interview questions

  • After discussing much the questions asked in the UPSC final round interviews, it is essential for the students to to prepare themselves. Here are a few things that will be noticed by the panel members during the interview. 
  • Apart from your answers, the board members will also analyze your body language, eye contact and more.
  • Your sitting posture can also be noticed. Sit straight and ensure that you don’t leave a bad impression while answering the question and you have to be conscious throughout the interview. From answering the questions to your body language, the interview board members will take account of everything so it is essential for you to do well. 

It’s all about the UPSC interview questions and you can utilise the above information to initiate your preparations. Get ready to clear the UPSC exams with the help of incredible support and endeavour to attain success.  For any information, you can refer to our blogs and stay informed about all three subjects of UPSC exams. We provide support for every candidate who try to procure good marks in the exams. If you are interested in clearing the IAS exams with good marks, then you have to start preparing efficiently. 

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