Free UPSC Material 2020 – List of IAS Study Materials
Free UPSC Material 2020 – List of IAS Study Materials

Free UPSC Material 2020 – List of IAS Study Materials

Preparing for the IAS exams is one of the difficult tasks for the candidates as it is one of the prestigious exams contended by thousands of aspirants across the country. With coaching centers sprouting in every part of the country, it is difficult for the candidates to find the best institutes to start the IAS exam preparations. If you are interested in learning from home, we have got you covered. Make use of the free study materials for better learning, and it will help you score more marks in the IAS exams.

There are several topper candidates in the IAS exams who cleared the IAS exams without the help of any coaching centers. You can still clear the UPSC exams if you have the right study materials, and the candidates should be very consistent while preparing for the IAS exams. Candidates who are starting the preparations will have many questions in mind. Some of them are like, “How to start UPSC preparation?” How to select one optional? Where to get free study materials? and more. A few candidates will spend at least a few months as they are overwhelmed with the books and countless study resources.

We have tried to highlight some of the best resources that are reliable for your IAS Preparations, and you can start the preparations with the help of the free study materials without thinking much about the preparations. There are many websites where you will find a lot of information, and we have tried to bring them all under one roof, so it will be easier for you to choose one website that can be of great help when it comes to IAS preparations. The IAS free study materials are available in reliable resources, and you should know about them. Check out below to know how you can start the preparations effectively.

Overview of UPSC exams

When it comes to UPSC exams, you have three different stages, namely the Prelims exam, Mains, and the final round interview. The prelims exam is basically multiple-choice questions used to filter out eligible candidates for the next round. There are two papers in the IAS Prelims exam, namely General Studies I and II. General Studies II is aka CSAT examination, which is a recent inclusion to the IAS prelims exams. If you clear the prelims exam, you should start the Mains exam preparations. Unlike Prelims, the Mains exam is a descriptive type. This will let the examiners know about the efficiency of IAS candidates.

They will also learn the perspectives of every candidate based on any issue that was requested to address. Mains exam has one optional subject that the candidates can choose any one favorite subject from the list of options provided by the UPSC board. There are several optional subjects like Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Maths, and more, the choice is left with UPSC candidates. After you clear the UPSC  Mains exams, you will have to start with the UPSC final round interview preparations. The final round interview will have panel members who will interview the candidates clearing the Mains exams.

The time duration of the interview varies based upon the panel members. The candidates are expected to know about the current affairs as it will be essential to answering the questions asked by the panel members. Once the candidates clear all the three exams, he or she will have to take up training in academies based on the posts they are going to take up. The time duration of the training varies based on the posts that a candidate is going to take up.

Free UPSC material 

As said earlier, there are numerous websites to start with the IAS Preparations. One of the reliable websites is Byjus, where you will get all the vital information for your IAS preparations. The study materials, Notes, PDF books, and more are available for free. You can start the preparations by downloading the books on any website. We have also provided the right study materials for the IAS aspirants. After you choose the study materials, start preparing for the exams. It’s not just about the study material, but the top sites also provide mock tests, test series for free. As far as the IAS exams are concerned, the candidates have to make use of the test series for scoring more marks. If you regularly take up the tests, then you can evaluate where you need to concentrate more and learn accordingly. Candidates should always follow the same books for preparing, and it is essential to make use of effective books. Not all the free study materials for UPSC are efficient so ensure you follow high-quality study materials. The study materials play an important role in your IAS preparations, so you have to be cautious while choosing the study materials. 

How to choose study materials for IAS exams?

Though there are innumerable websites providing free UPSC materials for the candidates, the aspirants are in a dilemma to choose a reliable website to start the IAS preparations. Here are the few tips that can help every UPSC aspirant to find the best study materials for free. 

  • First off, check out the study materials by yourself. Instead of reading reviews, going through a lot of websites to find a reliable source, go through the study materials by yourself. As we are discussing about free materials, the website site will require your mail ID for registering as a user, and a few websites also offer membership to unlock the premium content. Whether you are going for the premium or free UPSC study materials, the choice is yours. 
  • If you prefer free materials, take time to check the study resources available and know whether it is suitable for you. The language used can be tougher for some, and the same language can be uncomplicated for others. Only you can analyze the study materials that can aid your preparations. 
  • If you aren’t sure about the study materials efficiency, then check out the reviews and prefer the ones followed by the previous years’ toppers. It can be helpful to you as well, and you have to choose the efficiency of the particular study materials by reading the reviews. Choose one study resources that have garnered the trust of many students in the past and start with that. 
  • Find a source that incorporates all the essential requirements for your IAS preparations. It is hard to make use of one source for Prelims and another source for Mains exams. It would be best if you could find a website where all the information that is essential for your IAS preparations are present. From the syllabus to the summary of current affairs, you need to get everything under one roof for the best IAS preparations. By choosing one single source, you will be able to save a lot of time and find it easy to read. 
  • Don’t forget the test series and mock tests, as they are also an incredible part of your IAS preparations. Once you have completed the IAS syllabus, then you have to start with the practice sessions. A few test series are paid, and you can prefer them as well. It will help you to evaluate the performance of yours in real-time. If you have practiced regularly, then it will be easier for you to face the exams in real-time. 

What will you get in Free UPSC material?

This is definitely hard for the candidates to evaluate what are the materials that they will be getting for free. In short, you get all the resources for free. With the help of the internet, people can learn without spending money, and that is why it is called an information era. There is a plethora of information available out there for free, and it takes curiosity to learn them all. If you are curious about the IAS Preparations, then you will acquire everything for free. If you have doubts about searching for free materials, then here we provide the essential elements that you can obtain for free on any website. Choose one website which provides all the below aspects and start your IAS preparations without any doubts. 

UPSC exam syllabus is one thing that you’ll acquire for free on almost all the websites. 

News analysis every day is very important that adds value to the learning. Current affairs is an incredible part of your preparations. For a few candidates, it might be tough to go through all the information available, and the comprehensive news analysis will let you stay updated about the current events happening across the country and the world. 

Sample question papers for prelims and Mains exams to enhance your practice session that provides a real-time experience of taking up UPSC exams. Free quizzes to help you in the preparations as it is an exciting method to revise what you have learned. 

NCERT textbooks and reference books. You will get NCERT books for free in many books, but a few books will require you to buy them. If you are interested in buying the books for IAS preparations, then go for the best ones from famous authors. The books you buy should strengthen the preparations. 

Other free study materials that you can find 

Apart from following the websites, getting updates, and more, you can try out simple ways to learn for the UPSC exams. 


If you have time, you can spend on reading the newspaper, which is very essential to prepare for the IAS examination. You cannot skip the Newspaper reading as it will also improve your vocabulary. This will help you in the Mains exams as you need to power words to impress the examiner with your articulation. So, read newspapers to grow knowledge and improve vocabulary. 


YouTube is free, so are the contents in the app. There are thousands of UPSC related videos that will help you to prepare for the exams. And, there are videos that will mislead you, wasting all your time. So ensure you choose the right YouTube channel to start learning. You can check out our YouTube channels for clear information on UPSC preparations. Similarly, there are reliable channels that will aid your IAS preparations. 

Preparing for the IAS exam is not a simple process. It is challenging and enlightening, as well. By reading more, you will understand each and every situation. It will give you a broader spectrum to think about. While learning for the IAS exams, you will get an opportunity to look back at the History that was a part of your curriculum during school days. When you read History now, it is totally a different experience when compared to the school days. It will make you understand how the human race has evolved to the place where we are now. It would be astounding to read the major changes that the world went through. Start learning for the IAS exams using the best Free UPSC materials and score more marks without any hindrance. If you are looking for the best study materials, then there is a whole lot of websites providing free resources that are efficient to prepare exceptionally.

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