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The Prayas India –  Current Affairs

About the course:

UPSC has a vast syllabus and there is no doubts in that. People who prepare or plan to prepare and even if they are not interested, every one knows the huge syllabus of UPSC exams.

It is apparent that students need more time in the exam preparations but what exactly does the students require for best preparations. And, study materials are the most preferred for better exam preparations. A study material can help student in preparing for the students at its best. However, it is essential for the candidates to learn well without any doubts. The students will be requiring the quality learning resources. Current affairs can be important for the exam preparations as most of the questions from IAS exam are related to current affairs. Though the syllabus is huge and exhausting to prepare, students have to utilize quality learning resources for better exam preparations.


Magazines are exclusive addition to your exam preparations as they are extremely helpful in preparing for UPSC exam, especially in the UPSC perspective. There are way too many current affairs learning resources readily available for the students. However, it is not essential for the students to utilize all of them. The candidates have to choose a quality materials that can help them throughout the preparations. Making use of few current affairs will be helping the students exceptionally well and it is essential for the students to utilize the current affairs from The Prayas India can be of great assistance. All you have to do is, check out the best current affairs available out there. Just check them out to assure that the study materials are helpful for the better exam preparations.

It is essential to know what’s important to study and leave certain topics behind as they are not important. However, you might find essential current affairs collections in order to start the preparations and we offer you the best  Prayas India  current affairs. The resources can be available for better learning. The best way to decide on the current affairs is analyzing the available materials but we have made this job easier by evaluating different resources available for the preparations in order to help you out in the exam preparations.

We have provided some of the essential links that can help you out in the exam preparations so ensure that you use them wisely. The main aim of the learning resources available in the website is to help every student in the IAS exam preparation. We know how people struggle to acquire the best  learning materials but we are here to help you out with all the essential study resources for better scores.

Get ready to initiate the preparations with quality learning resources that takes your IAS exam preparations to the next level. It is very important for the students to learn with confidence and quality learning resources.

Important links to prepare for UPSC Civil Service Examination:

  • UPSC Prelims
  • UPSC Mains
  • UPSC Interview
  • UPSC Prelims Test Series
  • UPSC Mains Test Series
  • UPSC Strategy
  • UPSC Video Lectures
  • UPSC History Subject
  • UPSC Geography Subject
  • UPSC Economy Subject
  • UPSC Polity Subject
  • UPSC Current Affairs
  • UPSC Science & Technology
  • UPSC Art and Culture
  • UPSC Environment
  • UPSC Ethics and Integrity
  • UPSC Previous Year Paper
  • UPSC Optional Paper
  • UPSC Important Books


Team declare that the material shared above is not at all property of its own. We have just gathered free available materials in internet and shared with students to help them for UPSC CSE preparation.  Request you to reach out in case of any copyright infringement, privacy policy violation or any type of issue/s at [email protected].

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  • Special Issues for UPSC Exam Preparation

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April 2021
All Current Affairs Materials of The Prayas India for UPSC preparation

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