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Lecture Series -1
Topics Covered: 1. How to prepare Economy portion for various competitive exams in India? 2. List of books: What to read, what to skip? 3. Outline of my future lectures.
Lecture Series – 2
Topics Covered 1. Recap of banking sector lectures and minor updates as per latest monetary policy review (Feb 2015) and Committees for Small banks and Payment Banks 2. What is finance? Why should we start business with finance from elsewhere? 3. Type types of Financing mechanism: Debt Instrument vs Equity instruments 4. What is credit rating? What is India’s current credit rating? What factors affect it? 5. What’s the difference between Gilt Edged securities vs. Junk Bonds 6. What is bond yield and yield to maturity (YTM)? 7. How can higher bond yield and lower credit rating hurt a Government? 8. Difference between Bonds and Debentures? 9. Municipal bonds: History, their Importance in financing smart cities, SEBI’s 2015 guidelines for Municipal bonds. 10. OFCD and other types of Debentures
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